Content Management Systems (CMS)

Joomla CMSWordpress

We develop websites in Joomla or WordPress. The choice is yours! Each technology has its own strong points. If you need guidance we will help you select the appropriate platform. The benefit to you of either solution is:

  • Both platforms are opensource and therefore free to install and use
  • There is a large community of designers and developers so you have access to a huge skill base
  • A great deal of functionality comes as part of the platform or can be added so you really do not have to reinvent the wheel.



Opencart e-commerceWe use opencart in conjunction with Joomla and WordPress to produce a highly functional, low entry cost e-commerce solutions. In common with Magento there is a large community of developers providing addons and services


Magento e-commerceMagento is one of the heavyweight e-commerce solutions. It has more features than Opencart but does requires more effort to implement and certainly requires more expensive hosting.


We have also implemented e-commerce systems in other technologies such as Virtuemart and eShop but recommend the two solutions above depending on your requirements.